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Components for the Power Generation Industry

Power generation

G.L.I.S. has established and sustained a successful business by developing expertise in supplying our customer base high quality products and service, delivered on time at competitive prices. Our primary focus is in providing the industrial community with Castings, Fabrications, Machining, Engineering and related products and services.

We can assure our customers that they have the components they need when they need them without having to maintain excessive inventories. Below is a list of the primary applications and some of the various products that we supply:

  • Tube Supports
  • Tube Shields
  • Coal Nozzles
  • Stack Baffles
  • Wind Boxes
  • Scrubbers
  • Vortex Finders
  • Cyclones
  • Slag Tanks
  • Drip Lines
  • I.D. Duct Fans
  • Diffuser Cones
  • Steeple Castings
  • Pulverizer castings
  • Rolled and Welded Pipe
  • Radiant Tubes
  • Burners
  • Burner Elbows
  • Burner Barrels
  • Boiler Doors
  • Alignment Bars


Castings (Static and Centrifugal)
Furnace Rolls
Radiant Tubes
Petrochemical Products
Industrial Ovens


Static Castings|Centrifugal Castings|Furnace Rolls|Radiant Tubes|Petrochemical Products |Drum Heating Ovens

Sucessful Projects
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Burner Tip

Coal Nozzle

Coal Nozzles