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Components for the Petro-Chemical Industry


Ethylene is an important basic chemical for many products and is the largest volume petrochemical. The principal source for ethylene is from the pyrolysis of ethane or naphtha. This process uses the hottest industrial furnaces containing metal castings. These alloy castings have frequent heat up and cool down cycles. GLIS manufactures several alloys that withstand the high temperature and resist the carburization and thermal stress processes.


Catalyst reformer tubes are used to produce hydrogen from steam and natural gas. The hydrogen is subsequently converted to methanol, ammonia, town gas or is purified and used directly. Reformers operate at higher pressures and lower temperatures than pyrolysis coils. Alloy strength and creep strength is what we concentrate on with reformer tubes primarily in a HK, HP 50-50 CB alloy modified.

GLIS, Inc has the capabilities to static cast, centrifugal cast, fabricate, machine and test these components for the reforming and ethylene cracking processes.


Castings (Static and Centrifugal)
Furnace Rolls
Radiant Tubes
Petrochemical Products
Industrial Ovens


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